Creating atmosphere, building illusions, painting with light – it’s astonishing stuff.


This team's natural habitat is behind the spotlight, never under it – we are Oceania's creatures of the dark! Let's turn that spotlight around and focus it on the talents of the lighting department.

We are a hugely experienced and tight-knit group that likes nothing better than a challenge; in fact, getting to grips with unconventional venues, or unique client concepts is something we do all the time.

Oceania lighting designers have a way to help you envision your event, even in the planning stages: visualisation software that turns creative ideas into 3D plans, ready for discussion and approval. This powerful tool lets us resolve physical planning issues well in advance of the event itself – things like stage options, sight lines, the arrangement of product or seating – and it is easily updated as the design develops, allowing excellent communication with our clients.

From rock ‘n roll shows, festivals and public extravaganzas, to broadcasts, theatre and corporate events, we are the largest professional lighting production company in New Zealand and we’ve got you covered.