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02 clearcom pk7.jpg

Bass Amp Kit

Gallien krueger 700rb II with 4 x 10 Cabinet

03 guitar amp fender.jpg

Gutiar Amp - Fender Hot-Rod De-Ville 2 x 12

04 bp601.jpg

Various Guitar Stands

backline equipment 01 keyboard.jpg

Keyboard Yamaha CP-40 88 Key Digital Stage Piano

backline equipment 02 keyboard seat.jpg

Keyboard Seat

backline equipment 03 keyboard stand.jpg

Keyboard Stand

backline equipment 04 cable ramps.jpg

Heavy Duty Cable Ramps

backline equipment 05 cables.jpg

Kilometres of Cables!

We can provide many types of cables to suit!

Signal cabling in various lengths

Power cabling in various lengths

Stage Boxes to tails in various lengths

Sub-Trunks in various lengths

Adaptors, all types and more.

01 dw drums.jpg

DW Drum Kit

Comes with the following:

• 1 x DW Collector Series Drum Kit
• 1 x DW Rack Tom 10”
• 1 x DW Rack Tom 12”
• 1 x DW Floor Tom 16”
• 1 x DW Floor Tom 14”
• 1 x DW Kick Drum 22”
• 1 x DW Snare Drum
• 1 x DW Drum Hardware Kit
• 1 x DW 5000 HH Stand
• 1 x DW 5000 Series Snare Stand
• 2 x DW 5000 Kick Pedal
• 5 x DW 5000 Series Boom Stand
• 1 x DW Drum Seat
• 1 x DW Drum Stand

• 1 x Zildjian/Sabian Cymbal Kit
• 2 x Zildjian A Custom 14” HiHat
• 1 x Zildjian A Custom 20” Ride
• 1 x Zildjian A Custom China-type
• 1 x DW Drum Kit Cymbal Case
• 1 x Sabian 16” Crash Cymbal

backline equipment 06 rf kit.jpg

RF KIT (number of channels to suit)

Theatre, school or other productions?

We can provide the perfect wireless systems to tailor your event.
Our high end professional equipment will save your show from unexpected audio failures and ensure glitch free performances.

Keep in mind that anyone in the audience will remember not hearing and missing out on significant moments during the play or musical.

The Culprit is…

We will be looking forward to having a chat regarding your requirements.