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NW Group (Incorporating Norwest, Oceania, Cairellie, and PhaseOne), a leading supplier of audio, lighting, and vision services across Australasia, is pleased to announce that it has agreed terms to merge with Spyglass, a leading supplier of video projection and AV services in Auckland and Wellington.

Both companies have fantastic reputations in their areas of expertise, and the bringing together of these two businesses enables both to expand their equipment offerings and capabilities, improve the level of service delivery to their clients, and increase efficiencies. This merger also creates outstanding career opportunities for staff of both companies as they continue to lift their scale, regional presence, and technical capabilities.

Managing Director of NW Group, Matt Jones said, “As conversations with Spyglass evolved, it became very clear that the Oceania and Spyglass businesses in New Zealand are complementary. The merger increases the level of support and service we can provide to our clients in New Zealand and Australia, and reinforces the wider NW Group’s ongoing commitment to providing a full technical solution for clients across all our offices. The merger also provides great opportunities for the NW Group to leverage Spyglass capabilities in both the Australian market and our specialist large scale sports event markets”.

Managing Director of Spyglass, Scott Davis said “Having the support of a parent company of NW Groups’s calibre enables Spyglass to fulfill our goals with the financial horsepower that is required to put together a full service high end offering. This combined presence also brings opportunity with momentum on a scale that would take us far longer to achieve individually. The synergies are very tangible on both sides of the ditch and beyond!”

Over the coming months, Spyglass and Oceania operations in Auckland and Wellington will be brought under one roof. All other contact details will remain the same.

For further information please contact Matt Jones on +64 21 779 504.

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