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We add the magic, build an atmosphere, create the stuff that dreams are made of

There’s a moment in every event we do that the magic takes hold.

You can feel it happen.

It might begin with just a puff from a smoke machine, a change to the tempo of the music, the lift of a curtain... Perhaps it’s those few seconds as the house lights dim, and a hush, alive with anticipation, descends upon a theatre audience. Or maybe it’s the thrill that’s felt as a crowd of thousands lets out an electrifying roar, heralding the arrival of a band onstage.

Whether public or intimate, events bring people together. The spectacular launch of a new-model car, a garden wedding in the warmth of a summer night, a music festival with acts from around the world – these are experiences to share, to look forward to, to cherish, each with its own kind of magic.

It takes imaginative minds working with a shared vision to create events that are long remembered. Creativity is an Oceania hallmark. Our inventory of sophisticated gear means little without the talented bunch of original thinkers who give it life, our crew. Capable and inventive, they are at the ready to weave their magic on gigs big and small, and of every kind.

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