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The most respected B-Boy competition in the world

 "Team BC ONE! After surfacing from some deadlines here, I have been truly overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have been getting from the competitors, the artists, the performers and public that attended, both locally and from across Asia / Pacific as first time visitors.

 The professionalism of each crew involved in bringing this event to life was second to none. Not only was it a pleasure to have you all onboard but it was a privilege to have in my opinion, the best the NZ industry has to offer when it comes to live show production. I also want to thank you all for respecting the tight deadlines/budgets we were under to load in and out and to represent the event at the highest quality level - the extra effort required to stay focused and operate at speed got us across the line right on target and with poetic results.

 With just under 2000 people at the event, we had another 26,000 people tuned in and watching the live broadcast around the world - and I feel we did NZ proud! Again, much respect and gratitude from myself and the rest of the team here at Red Bull."

 Grace Boyle, Culture Marketing Manager, Red Bull NZ

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