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WELLINGTON: +64 4 472 7770


Speaker Systems

d&b audiotechnik J-Series, Q-Series & V-Series

d&b audiotechnik J-SUB, Q-SUB, V-SUB, J-INFRA, B2-SUB
L’Acoustics KUDO
L’Acoustics ARCS
L’Acoustics SB218 Subwoofer
L’Acoustics SB118 Subwoofer
EV X-Line XLS Square (Xvls)
EV X-Line XLT Trapezoidal (Xvlt)
EV X-Line XLC 127+ Compact        
EV X-Line Sub (Xsub)
Turbosound Flashlight TFS-780H/L
d&b audiotechnik M2 monitor    
Oceania CLP Low-profile monitor (12”LF 2”HF)
Oceania SLP Low-profile monitor (15”LF 2”HF)
Aura Drum Thumper
JBL Control Series Contractor Speakers
Oceania D18 Double 18” Sub
Oceania S18 Single 18” Sub
Oceania T12
Oceania P12
dB DVA T4 Line Array Element
Galaxy Hotspot                                     


d&b audiotechnik D80 Amplifier

d&b audiotechnik D12 Amplifier

Lab Gruppen FP1000Q Amplifier
Lab Gruppen LA48a Amplifier
QSC PLX 3402 & 3002
Powersoft Digam 7000          

Oceania Biamp Rack (8 bi-amp mixes)
Oceania Octal Rack (16 bi-amp mixes)
Oceania TMS-3 Rack
Oceania Sub-Lo Rack
QSC CX 602V (100V Line)
Crossovers / Drive / Equalisers
Electrovoice DX46 FIR-Drive
BSS FDS 336 Minidrive
BSS FDS 366 Omnidrive Compact Plus
BSS SW 9088 SoundWeb            
Dolby Lake Processor 4-12                
Dolby Lake LM26 Processor
XTA DP448 System Processor
Ashley Protea EQ & System Remote                
BSS FCS920 Varicurve Slave        
BSS FCS926 Varicurve Master        
BSS FCS960 Dual Graphic            
BSS FPC900i Varicurve Interface & Remote        
Klark DN360 Equaliser            
XTA GQ600 Graphic Equaliser                                    
Whirlwind DA-2 Dist Amp            
Creative Audio MS112  Media Splitter            


Mixing Consoles
Large Format

Digico SD7
Avid Digidesign Profile Systems

Midas Pro2 System
Midas XL4 48 Console
Midas H3000 44+4 Heritage Console
Midas Legend 3000 Console
Soundcraft Vi6
Yamaha PM5D-RH Console                                        
Medium Format

Midas Pro1 System

Midas Pro2 System

Midas M32
Behringer X-32
Soundcraft GB8-32
Yamaha M7CL-48    
Yamaha LS9-32
Yamaha MG32/14FX Console
Mackie Mixer Onyx 32-4
Midas Venice 320 console                                    
Small Format
Yamaha 01V96
Yamaha MG10/2
Yamaha MG16/6FX
Yamaha Pro Mix 03D
Mackie 1604-VLZ3
Console accessories
Drawmer D-Clock Word Clock DMS-2
Yamaha MY16-AT 16-ch ADAT optical card
Yamaha MY8-AD96 8-ch analogue INPUT card
Yamaha MY8-ADDA96 8xIN 8xOUT card
Yamaha MY8-AE96 AES/EBU card
Yamaha MY8-AE96S AES/EBU card
Yamaha MY8-DA96 8-ch analogue OUTPUT card
Yamaha AD8HR 24-bit Head Amp/AD Converter
We hold stocks of many popular industry standard microphones and DI boxes including those from the following manufacturers:

Audio Technica
Headway “The Band” Ceramic String Pickups
Pro Co

Radio Mics & IEMs
Shure UR4D & U4D UHF Dual Receivers
Shure UR1 & U1 UHF Beltpack TX
Shure UR2 & U2 UHF Handheld TX
Sennheiser EM2050 Dual Receiver
Sennheiser SKM2000 Handheld TX
Sennheiser EK/SR 300-G3 IEM Systems
Shure PSM600 IEM Systems
Shure P6HW Hardwired IEM Systems    
Complete Shure & Sennheiser Antenna Distribution Systems
Professional Wireless Helical Antennae
WinRadio Scanner


We have a wide range of Clearcom & Telex
communications systems.


Effects and Dynamics
BSS DPR402 Dual Comp. Peak Limiter De-Esser
BSS DPR404 Four Channel Compressor De-Esser
BSS DPR504 Four Channel Noise Gate
BSS DPR901 Dynamic Equaliser
BSS DPR901 MkII Dynamic Equaliser
dbx 1066 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
dbx 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer
dbx 120x Subharmonic Synthesizer
dbx 160A Compressor/Limiter
dbx 160x Compressor/Limiter
Drawmer 1960 Mic Pre/Vacuum Tube Comp
Drawmer DL241 Dual Auto Compressor/Limiter
Drawmer DL441 Quad Auto Compressor/Limiter
Drawmer DS201 Dual Noise Gate
Drawmer DS404 Quad Noise Gate
Drawmer DS501 Dual Powergate
Eventide Eclipse    
Eventide H3000 D/SX
Lexicon 480L Reverb & LARC
Lexicon MPX500
Lexicon PCM80
Lexicon PCM90
Smart Research C2 Dual/Stereo Compressor
Summit DCL200
Summit TLA-100A
Summit TLA-50
tc electronic 2290
tc electronic D-Two
tc electronic M3000
tc electronic M5000
tc electronic M6000 Effects System
tc electronic M6000 TC Icon Remote
XTA D2 Stereo Dynamic Equaliser
Yamaha SPX1000
Yamaha SPX2000
Yamaha SPX900    
Yamaha SPX990

Self Powered Speakers

L'Acoustics 112 & 108 Cabinets

Boss MA-12V Micro Monitor
dB 110 Lyric & L80
Electrovoice ELX 112P & ELX118P Self-Powered
JBL Eon 10
Mackie SR1530, SRM450 & SW1801
Meyersound UPA-1 & UPA-2
Mipro MA-808  Battery Powered System (inc beltpack & handheld wireless mics)
Roland MA-12C Self-Powered Speaker
Tapco S.5 Active Studio Monitor
Yamaha MS101    
DW Collector Series Kit comprising
DW Kick Drum 22”
DW Snare Drum
DW Rack Tom 8 x 10
DW Rack Tom 12 x 9
DW Floor Tom 12 x 14
DW Floor Tom 14 x 16
DW 5000 Series HH stand
DW 5000 Series Kick Pedal    
DW 9000 Series Boom stand    
DW 9000 Series Double Tom         
DW 9000 Series Snare stand
DW Drum seat
DW Drum seat stand
Zildjian A Custom 14” HiHat
Zildjian A Custom 16” Crash
Zildjian A Custom 20” Ride
Zildjian A Custom China-type

Ampeg Bass Rig comprising
Ampeg  8 x 10 Bass cabinet
Ampeg SVT Classic 300W Tube Amp            
Gallien Kruger Bass Rig comprising
Gallien Krueger 4 x 10 Bass cabinet 400W
Gallien Krueger Backline 600 Amp            
Guitar Amplifiers
Fender Hotrod Deville 2 x 12
Vox Heritage AC30 H2
Line 6 Flextone III Guitar Amp
Guitar Stands

Roland Cube 60 Keyboard Amp
Ultimate Stands 2-Tier Keyboard Stand
Keyboard stands                                    

Playback, Recorders & DJ Gear                                    
360 Systems Instant Replay
Alesis Masterlink HD/CDR
Omnitronic CDP-380 Dual CD
Sony CD Players & Recorders                    
Tascam CD Players & Recorders
Mackie SDR 24/96 Digital Recorder
Sony MDS E10/E11  Mini Disk Player
Sony MDS E12  Mini Disk Recorder                                    
Allen & Heath Xone 62 Mixer
Numark CD Mix-1 Dual CD Player
Pioneer CDJ-1000Mk1 CD Players
Pioneer CDJ-1000Mk2 CD Players
Pioneer CDJ-1000Mk3 CD Players
Pioneer CDJ-2000 & CDJ-2000 Nexus CD Players
Pioneer CMX-3000 Dual CD Players
Pioneer DJM-600 Mixers
Pioneer DJM-800 Mixers
Pioneer DJM-900 & DJM-900 Nexus Mixers
Pioneer DJM-900SRT Mixer
Rane TTM 57SL DJ Mixer
Rane Sixty-Two Mixer
Serato Interface Box
Technics SL1200 Mk2 Turntable        
Technics SL1210 M5G Turntable
Vestax PMC-07 Pro Mixer                                    
BSS MSR-604 Active Splitter
Oceania  MPR16 16-ch Preamp
Avalon Vt 747sp Tube Preamp
Avalon 737 Tube Preamp    

CM Lodestar 40’ 1 Ton
CM Lodestar 60’ 1 Ton
CM Lodestar 60’ 2 Ton
L’Acoustics flybars and rigging
Electrovoice flybars and rigging
Turbosound flybars and rigging                                    
Stageline SAM53 Mobile Stage*
Apollo Stagetruck (10m wide  x 7.2m deep)*
15m “V” Towers (1.8T load)
Showquip 9m “V” Tower (1T load)
Showquip Stage Section 2.4m x 1.2m
Modular Stage Section 2.0m x 1.0m
Various stage legs, wheels, treads, skirts etc



Venues Wellington

Oceania is proud to be the preferred technical & production management supplier for Venues Wellington.
For further information please click on the following link to view our range of services.

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